Chiaki Nagoya
Character information
Name in Japanese 名古屋 稚空
Romaji translation Nagoya Chiaki
Gender Male
Age 16
Hair color Blue
Eye color Blue
Occupations Student
Residence Tokyo, Japan
Family Father
Transforms into Kaito Sinbad

Chiaki Nagoya (名古屋 稚空 Nagoya Chiaki) is a high school student, who can transform into Kaito Sinbad. He is Kaito Jeanne's rival.


Chiaki Nagoya is the successor of the Nagoya Family Hospital.  He is said to be engaged to a girl before he transfered school.

Physical appearanceEdit

Chiaki is a tall, slim and handsome teenager boy with shaggy dark blue hair and dark brown eyes.

Personality and traitsEdit

Chiaki is a girl chaser but later on he just sticks to loving Maron as he develops feelings towards her.


Maron Kusakabe: Like his personality he developes feelings for her, throughout the series. And she returns those feeling back to him. It is known that they are lovers. At first he is only "faking" to get her to stop being Kaito Jeanne, but as it progresses through the series he starts to truly love her. And soon, they confess however she soon finds out that he is actually Kaito Sinbad all along, but he fights to get her trust back and later reconcile. It is soon said in the manga, they sleep together then 7 years later when he is 24 he is a doctor in training, married to Maron, and with a daughter that is the reincarnation of Finn Fish.

Father: Chiaki father is the head doctor of a hospital.

His mother was a famous actress, but retired.

Behind the scenesEdit


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