Maron Kusakabe
Character information
Name in Japanese
Romaji translation
Gender Female
Age 16 (May 30th birth)
Hair color
Eye color
Family Koron Kusakabe (mother)
Takumi Kusakabe (father)
Chiaki Nagoya (husband)
Natsuki Nagoya (daughter)
Kaiki Nagoya (father-in-law)
Education Momokuri High School
Transforms into
Affiliations Kusakabe Household
Nagoya Household
Toudaiji Household
Momokuri High School

Maron Kusakabe (日下部 まろん, Kusakabe Maron) is a young high school girl who can transform into Kaitou Jeanne. She is skilled when it comes to gymnastics, and is the star player of her school.


Maron grew up alone because her parents were always on business trips. This makes her very dependent on such a young age. When she was in kindergarden she met Miyako Toudaiji who was mistreated by the other kids in their group. Maron stood up for Miyako and the two became friends. Miyako and Maron grew up together ever since then. They promised each other that they would not keep secrets from each other and to trust each other. When they were in middle school, Miyako wasaccused of stealing the money of the class but Maron believed in Miyako. Now that they were in High School when Maron was said to look a lot like Kaitou Jeanne , Miyako believed her and decided to catch Jeanne in order to prove everyone wrong. When Maron first met Finn Fish, Finn promised to grant her a wish in turn of collecting demons in order to help god. Maron then sets out to capture demons inhibiting artworks but it seems that sometimes she grew tired of this work. As she sometimes refuses to capture the demons.  One day when Miyako and Maron was just about to go to school empty boxes fell down on them. They were greeted by Chiaki Nagoya. Chiaki seems to be moving to the apartment next to Maron's. It turns out that Chiaki also transfered to their school and became their classmate. Together with Chiaki's appearance, another Kaitou, Kaitou Sinbad also came to challenge Kaitou Jeanne. Maron first ignores Chiaki, but then develops feelings for him.  According to Finn Fish, Kaitou Sinbad was sent by Mau in order to fight against Kami-sama.

Physical appearanceEdit

Maron has a brown hair and brown eyes. She used to have a very long brown hair but she cut it after middle school.  

Personality and traitsEdit

Maron appears to be always cheerful and optimistic on the outside but inside she is always lonely and sad. She thought that maybe if she appears brave to the others she will be brave inside someday as well. However, both Miyako and Chiaki can see through this act, and are usually secretly worried about her.


Miyako ToudaijiEdit

Maron's best friend since kindergarden. Her father is the detective in charge of arresting Jeanne, and she's really energetic about catching her with her dad. She wants to be a detective when she grows up. Maron and Miyako are both in the gymnastics club, and often practice together. They live in the same apartment complex, their doors facing each other.

Jeanne D' ArcEdit

Maron is the reincarnation of Jeanne D' Arc. When Maron went to the past it is said that they resemble each other a lot. When ever Maron transforms into Jeanne her hair color changes(blonde) and her hair gets longer.

Chiaki NagoyaEdit

Lives next door to Maron. He faked being interested in her to find out more about her (he knows she's Jeanne), but starts to develop real feelings for her. He's also Sinbad, the thief that competes with Jeanne to "Checkmate" works of art.

Behind the scenesEdit


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