Natsuki Nagoya
Reincarnation of Finn Fish
Important Information
Gender Female
Eye Color -
Hair Color -
Height -
Birthday -
Home Nagoya Residence
Voice Actor None

Natsuki is the reincarnation of Finn Fish She was said to be holding on to a black ring (given by Access) when she was born.


Natsuki was born into the family of Nagoya, with Kusakabe Maron as her mother and Chiaki Nagoya as her father. She was said to be born holding a black ring. The black ring was given to Finn Fish upon her death and thus proving that she is indeed the reincarnation of Finn Fish.

Natsuki seems to not remember her life as Finn Fish. The only thing she remember is she had someone dear to her. She strives hard to find the man in her dreams and promises to herself that she will not fall for anyone except him, thus rejecting Shinji. Later on she learns that Shinji was the man she was waiting for all those years ago.

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